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Guitar Lessons with Dan Thomas

Playing Guitar

Always wanted to play guitar but never found the time? Maybe you started to learn but got bored or frustrated with it and you want to give it another shot? Or maybe you have a child that wants to learn?

Whatever your situation, my 3 part approach to teaching guitar will get you playing in no time.

There's usually two ways people get taught guitar; getting taught an overwhelming amount of theory, or getting taught how to play a new song each month.

Well, with my 3 part approach to teaching you won't need me to teach you that song that you want to play, because you'll have the skills to learn it for yourself! That means we can spend lessons developing core skills and knowledge!

You won't be frustrated with songs that are 'too hard' because I'll help you develop the skills and dexterity from day one!

You won't be baffled by music theory because you'll see it working in real context! 

My 3 part approach:

- Playing Techniques

- Learning Techniques

- Practical Music Theory

If you want to learn guitar BOOK NOW with one of the options below!

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